Forming Strategic Alliances with Post-Secondary Schools

Our non-profit organization offers a select regionally accredited institution Money, Marketing, and Management to enhance Online Access.

Even if you do not agree that Grand Canyon University is of the same academic level of quality as your institution, one can't argue with the marketing expertise, operational excellence, and financial success of GCU's management team.

We DO NOT Teach... we set the stage for your academic team to teach with all the support they need to be successful, all while heavily investing cash to create new-found surplus funding for your school/department.

We are the catalysts who helped create the most successful online education operations in the world. See the attached Case Studies. Now we are free to explore how we can help the right institution.

Let's discuss how we can rapidly grow the top line revenue of your online degree programs. We are not consultants. We are co-investors.

You get decades of experience, millions-of-dollars invested in your marketing, plus our management alongside your institution.

There is no upfront funding required from you, we invest all the cash. There is no risk to you, we take all the risk. But this is why we are so selective about who we partner with to create a Ten Year Growth Strategy.

What worked even three years ago to recruit the right kind of students is not working as well is all changing...let us help your school go from Mountaintop-to-Mountain Top.